Thursday, March 31, 2022

Radical Humilty: What's more important? People or Everything Else

What's more important, people or the earth? Extinction or a future?

The medicine wheel tells us that we are one of many, and no more important than the others. All points of the circumference are equal distance from the center. We are all in this together.

Last week the artic was 30 degrees higher in temperature than the average for the day. On the same day Antarctica was 70 degrees higher in temperature than the average for the day. Was it on the news?
Politics was on the news. Conspiracy theories were on the news. War was on the news. Entertainment was on the news. The state of Earth was not on the news, and will be our doom in the next few decades. We are at the point of no return. 

But gas prices are important because we have to keep driving low milage suv's without need, rather than conservation of gas and or driving smaller vehicles needing less gas or creating energy with other sources.

Eating beef and killing wolves are more important than working with ranchers to find other markets less invasive.  

Eating food transported across the country and world is more important than eating local seasonal produce, dairy or meat.

Single use plastic packages and plastic grocery bags are more important that micro-plastic that starves animals and takes nutrients from the water.

Having stuff is more important than conservation, lessening trash and cleaning up landfills.

We are conveniently on our way to extinction.

Radical Humility asks if we are more important than the rest of earth? Can we release our egotism to favor benefit beyond our own species? We won't live without animals or plants or water. Seven generations depend on our answer, but it won't take that long to loose God's gift to us, Earth. 

We won't live without her.
She will live on, we won't.

How can you practice radical humility?

Monday, May 4, 2020

Brave Lady

Brave Lady       

The remarkable true story of a Rez dog named Lady and the gifts of trust.

The illustrations are a lot different than the look of the cover, but it's ready for use.